Seadoo is a simple drink with vodka. It has a red hue, which is created through the use of cranberry juice. The third component of Seadoo is sparkling water. Preparation is very quick and simple, because it is done directly in the glass, in which it is administered. The taste of this drink very me surprised. This is not a sweet drink, and unpleasant taste of vodka is barely perceptible.
With a lot of ice cubes, Seadoo is great for hot summer days.
How do you make Seadoo?


  • vodka (30 mL – 1 oz)
  • cranberry juice (20 mL – 1 splash)
  • sparkling water (to complete)
  • ice cubes

Preparation and serving:

A tall glass (type collins), add ice cubes. Pour the vodka and cranberry juice. Fill a glass of sparkling water.

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