Blue Monday – blue drink with vodka

Blue Monday is another cocktail that we wish to present to you. Even though it is commonly believed that no one likes Mondays, there may be a group of people who will like Blue Monday.
Blue Monday is a strong drink based on vodka, whose taste mixes with orange flavours of two liqueurs: Cointreau and blue curacao. The amount of the latter is small, but it gives the cocktail a very pretty blue colour.
Blue Monday is best served in cocktail glass. Additionally, it can be decorated with a piece of orange peel, wound into a spring. It composes well with the drink’s blue colour and suggests the one who drinks it what flavour can be expected from it.


  • vodka (45 ml)
  • Cointreau liqueur (15 ml)
  • blue curacao liqueur (about 10 ml)
  • ice cubes

Preparation and serving:

Throw several ice cubes into the shaker. Pour the ingredients in and shake well. Pour the contents into the cocktail glass, which can be decorates with an orange peel.

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