Barbados Sunrise – impressive, layered drink

Barbados Sunrise is a multicolor drink composed of several layers. It will impress us by his great looks and will remind us of holidays spent in warm countries. Contrary to what you may think, the preparation of this cocktail is not difficult and complex, so everyone can enjoy this exotic drink at home every day.
The ingredients which arrange in lovely layers and which are necessary for the preparation of Barbados Sunrise are: white rum, blue curacao liqueur, grenadine and orange juice. You will also need a high glass (the best type is Collins-type glass) and ice cubes. Drink can also by garnished with a piece of orange.


  • white rum (20 ml)
  • blue curacao liqueur (30 ml)
  • grenadine (15 ml)
  • orange juice
  • ice cubes

Preparation and serving:

Throw a few (two or three) ice cubes into the shaker. Then add white rum and blue curacao liqueur. Shake well to mix the liquid and set aside the shaker. Pour grenadine into the Collins-type glass and fill it with ice cubes. Gently pour the orange juice, making sure to leave room for the ready mixed rum and blue curacao liqueur. Using a spoon, gently pour the contents of the shaker into the glass. To make your Barbados Sunrise look even better, you can add a piece of orange.

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