John Collins – a classic cocktail based on gin

John Collins is a classic cocktail based on gin; its recipe is on the official list of cocktails of the International Bartenders AssociationIBA in short.
The cocktail has been known since 1860, and it owes its name to the waiter who worked in the London’s hotel: Limmer’s Old House.
John Collins belongs to the family of Collins drinks, which are served in the Collins-type glass (it is slightly narrower and higher than a highball glass). The base alcohol is changed in them, which at the same time influences the name of the cocktail. The most famous brother of John Collins is Tom Collins, for the preparation of which the Old Tom Gin should be used.
Before serving John Collins, it is worth decorating the glass with lemon pieces and cocktail cherries.


  • gin (45 ml)
  • lemon juice – freshly squeezed (30 ml)
  • sugar syrup (15 ml)
  • sparkling water (60 ml)
  • ice cubes

Preparation and serving:

Throw ice cubes into the Collins glass. Pour the ingredients: gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar syrup. Fill the glass with sparkling water and stir gently. Decorate the drink with a slice of lemon and a cocktail cherry.

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