Mulled beer – something for chilly days

Mulled beer is a beverage that many heats in the autumn and winter season. Recipe for preparation it is relatively simple, and anyone at home can enjoy the mix of beer, honey, orange and aromatic spices such as cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Although personally I do not like cinnamon, in the prepared drink it did not bother me. It is noticeable, but I think it fits great with the whole.
In stores you can buy ready-made mixes for mulled beer. However, all the components which I used are readily available in almost any grocery store, so I encourage you to use the following recipe. Such mulled beer you will be more like it.


  • beer (such as those you like – 500 ml)
  • orange (1 pc)
  • honey (3-5 teaspoons)
  • cloves (20 pc)
  • ground cinnamon (about 1/4 teaspoon)
  • ground ginger (about 1/4 teaspoon)

Preparation and serving:

Thoroughly wash orange and cut it into slices. Some slices can be divided into smaller parts and put them aside. Pour the beer into the pot and begin to heat it. Immediately throw into it pieces of oranges and cloves, cinnamon and ginger. Add the honey. From time to time stir gently. Be careful not to boil the beer. When the beer is adequately warm, pour it into a glass. You can take same cloves and garnish orange slices (by sticking it), and then put them in a glass.

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