Mithering Bastard

Mithering Bastard is a drink with orange color, which is formed by using orange juice. For the preparation you will need two other components, alcohols: Scotch whiskey and triple sec liqueur.
The combination of these three components can taste many person and at the same time be an interesting alternative for those who like whiskey and Coke. The taste of whiskey is clearly perceptible, but it goes through great flavors of orange juice and triple sec liqueur.
Mithering Bastard is best given in a low glass with a thick bottom (old-fashioned).
How do you make Mithering Bastard?

Hot Sex – orange pleasure

Hot Sex is a simple drink of orange flavor, which is made of three components. The only alcohol, which you need to use here, is a triple sec liqueur. The other ingredients are: orange juice and grenadine. Grenadine makes the drink becomes sweeter and takes a nice look. With different density fluids, it falls to the bottom, resulting in a shift colors from orange to red.
It is best administered in a low glass with thick bottom (old-fashioned). We can also garnish this drink with piece of orange or cherry cocktail.

White Lady – a classic cocktail with gin

White Lady is a classic gin-based cocktail. Name and appearance may suggest that it is gentle, but in reality it is quite strong drink. The recipe to this drink you can find on the official list of cocktails IBA (International Bartenders Association). For its preparation are also needed: triple sec liqueur and freshly squeezed lemon juice. This drink is best administered in a cocktail glass. Additionally, you can decorate it slice or peel of lemon.

Kamikaze – cocktail with lime juice

Kamikaze is another drink from IBA Official Cocktails list (IBA – International Bartenders Association). This drink is best administered in a cocktail glass. You can also pour into glasses, and drink as shots. Preparing the drink is very simple. It consists of three components: vodka, triple sec liqueur and freshly squeezed lime juice. You can garnish glass with quarter or slice of lime.

Margarita – a classic cocktail with tequila

Margarita is a popular drink that comes from Mexico. Who and when invented this cocktail is not known exactly. There are several sources that can be combined into one and say that it was created by a bartender for a woman, and named it after her name . Another source says that it was made to create a more civilized way to drink tequila (instead of licking the salt and bite of lime quarter).
Cocktail made ​​with tequila, cointreau (triple sec liqueur), and with freshly squeezed lime juice. It can be served in a cocktail glass or margarita glass. It is worth mentioning that the Margarita is on the official list of cocktails IBA (International Bartenders Association).