Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito is a light refreshing summer drink. This is an expanded version of a very popular drink which is the Mojito. For its preparation you will need a few strawberries. The best will of course these fresh.
Way of preparation is the same as a traditional Mojito. Strawberry Mojito contains an extra ingredient as strawberries. The only difference is the addition of a few strawberries.
How do you make Strawberry Mojito?

Caipirinha – Brazilian drink recipe

Caipirinha is a drink originating from Brazil. Its main ingredients are Cachaça, which is a Brazilian alcoholic drink that is made from fermented sugarcane juice. Other ingredients include half a lime, sugar (white or brown) and lots of ice cubes. After preparation we get a cocktail that great combines sour taste of lime and sweet of sugar. The high content of ice makes the drink is great at hot summer days and evenings. It is worth mentioning that the recipe for a caipirinha is on the official list of cocktails IBA (International Bartenders Association).

Mulled wine – simple recipe

Mulled wine, like mulled beer, is an alcoholic beverage, which most often we order (or is preparing yourself at home) in the autumn and winter. There are many different recipes how to prepare this drink. I present one of the simplest options. To prepare mulled wine at home, you need a bottle of red wine (it can be sweet, semi-sweet or dry wine), one large orange, cloves, cinnamon stick (or a teaspoon of minced) and sugar. Of course, you can slightly modified the recipe, eg. replacing sugar with honey or adding stars of anise.