Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West is a drink for western movies and wild west lover ;) Drink is made with American whiskey, but its taste is very poorly perceptible, so they can also try to those who do not like this alcohol.
The remaining ingredients of the Wild Wild West are: peach schnapps and cranberry juice. These two ingredients well mask the taste of whiskey by giving it a pleasant and delicate, sweet taste. Cranberry juice gives it a reddish color. Drink is best served in a low glass filled with ice cubes.
How do you make Wild Wild West?

Squished Smurf

Squished Smurf is shot, whose name suggests that the appearance (and the taste?) will resemble a flattened Smurf. For its preparation need Peach Schnapps, Irish liqueur (eg. Bailey’s), liqueur blue curacao and few drops of the grenadine. With these ingredients in a glass creates a very impressive and “disgusting” theme, which will attract the eye of every drinker. This shot is perfect for your Halloween party.
How do you make Squished Smurf?

Fuzzy Navel – a simple drink with peach schnapps

Fuzzy Navel is a very good, sweet drink with peach-orange flavor and orange color. This delicious cocktail was invented by a bartender Ray Foley in 1980.
To prepare this cocktail are needed only two ingredients: peach schnapps (a strong, dry spirit produced using the distillation of peaches) and orange juice. To Fuzzy Navel you can also add a third component which is lemonade. I decided to do the simplest version.
Drink administered with a lot of ice cubes in a highball glass.