Mexican Madras

Mexican Madras is a red drink whose name suggests that one of the ingredients will be Mexican national liquor. And this is of course tequila, and specifically the gold variety. This is obviously a variation of another drink that is call Madras. Additional ingredients that ultimately affect the color and taste of the drink are: cranberry juice, orange juice and lime juice.
Mexican Madras is best served in an old-fashioned glass that can be decorated with orange slices and limes.
If you like the taste of tequila, try this drink. The juices used in it blend well with each other, creating a very pleasant taste in the drink.

Mithering Bastard

Mithering Bastard is a drink with orange color, which is formed by using orange juice. For the preparation you will need two other components, alcohols: Scotch whiskey and triple sec liqueur.
The combination of these three components can taste many person and at the same time be an interesting alternative for those who like whiskey and Coke. The taste of whiskey is clearly perceptible, but it goes through great flavors of orange juice and triple sec liqueur.
Mithering Bastard is best given in a low glass with a thick bottom (old-fashioned).
How do you make Mithering Bastard?

Cowboy Roy

Cowboy Roy is a three-component drink with orange juice, whose preparation is quick and easy. Drink is made with a lot of vodka, rum and orange juice. Without a doubt, it is another variation of one of the simplest drink which is Screwdriver.
Cowboy Roy is best given in a collins glass. It is served without ice cubes, so it is necessary to remember about cooling of all components, so you can be enjoyed this drink on warm days.
How do you make Cowboy Roy?

Ambassador – orange drink with tequila

Ambassador is a drink of orange color, based on tequila. Its color owes to the extent that it is orange juice, which is supplemented a glass. It is of course also a big influence on the final taste of the drink.
In addition to the already two components (tequila and orange juice), for the preparation of Ambassador you will also need sugar syrup, ice cubes and a bit of orange, which will be used to decorate glasses (preferably collins).
How do you make Ambassador?

Barbados Sunrise – impressive, layered drink

Barbados Sunrise is a multicolor drink composed of several layers. It will impress us by his great looks and will remind us of holidays spent in warm countries. Contrary to what you may think, the preparation of this cocktail is not difficult and complex, so everyone can enjoy this exotic drink at home every day.
The ingredients which arrange in lovely layers and which are necessary for the preparation of Barbados Sunrise are: white rum, blue curacao liqueur, grenadine and orange juice. You will also need a high glass (the best type is Collins-type glass) and ice cubes. Drink can also by garnished with a piece of orange.

Power Screwdriver – drink with vodka

Power Screwdriver is a three-ingredient cocktail based on vodka and orange color.
It is easy to guess that this is another version of a well-known Screwdriver cocktail – a base of many drinks, including the already presented here Sonic Screwdriver.
Power Screwdriver is prepared quickly and easily. To make it, one needs vodka and orange juice. The third ingredient that enriches the traditional Screwdriver is Coca-Cola.
The drink is best served in a highball glass. It can also be decorated with a piece of orange.

La Bomba – cocktail with gold tequila

La Bomba is a fruity and colorful cocktail, which is made with gold tequila. It is best served in a cocktail glass. You can dip the edge of the glass in sugar and decorate it with a piece of lime. Other ingredients needed to prepare this cocktail: Cointreau (a brand of triple sec – an orange-flavoured liqueur), pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine. Grenadine, poured as the last ingredient, sinks slowly to the bottom of the glass, and creates a nice color effect, similar to that known e.g. from Tequila Sunrise.

Fuzzy Navel – a simple drink with peach schnapps

Fuzzy Navel is a very good, sweet drink with peach-orange flavor and orange color. This delicious cocktail was invented by a bartender Ray Foley in 1980.
To prepare this cocktail are needed only two ingredients: peach schnapps (a strong, dry spirit produced using the distillation of peaches) and orange juice. To Fuzzy Navel you can also add a third component which is lemonade. I decided to do the simplest version.
Drink administered with a lot of ice cubes in a highball glass.

Hot Sex – orange pleasure

Hot Sex is a simple drink of orange flavor, which is made of three components. The only alcohol, which you need to use here, is a triple sec liqueur. The other ingredients are: orange juice and grenadine. Grenadine makes the drink becomes sweeter and takes a nice look. With different density fluids, it falls to the bottom, resulting in a shift colors from orange to red.
It is best administered in a low glass with thick bottom (old-fashioned). We can also garnish this drink with piece of orange or cherry cocktail.

Tequila Sunrise – recipe for popular drink

Tequila Sunrise is a very famous and easy to prepare drink with tequila. It is made only of three ingredients: tequila, orange juice and grenadine.
This cocktail was popularized by the Eagles song of 1973 Tequila Sunrise and the famous movie of 1988 also called Tequila Sunrise (starring Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kurt Russell).A owes its name to the colors that arise when making a drink. Tequila Sunrise is listed IBA Official Cocktail entered by the International Bartenders Association.