Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Mojito is a light refreshing summer drink. This is an expanded version of a very popular drink which is the Mojito. For its preparation you will need a few strawberries. The best will of course these fresh.
Way of preparation is the same as a traditional Mojito. Strawberry Mojito contains an extra ingredient as strawberries. The only difference is the addition of a few strawberries.
How do you make Strawberry Mojito?

Mojito – recipe for the popular cocktail

Mojito is one of the most popular cocktails in the world and one of my favorites. Originally from Cuba and made ​​is based on white rum. Thanks to the large amount of mint and crushed ice it is a refreshing cocktail with a sweet-sour-mint flavor. How to make Mojito drink? There are a few recipes for it. One of them, you can find at the IBA Official Cocktails. Below one of them.

Cooperstown – cocktail with a sprig of mint

Cooperstown is a gin-based drink. It consists of the two types of vermouth: sweet and dry. The final color of this cocktail depends on the used vermouth. We took advantage of those with a transparent color. That’s what stands this drink from the other is sprig of fresh mint that you added to it. Very nicely presented it in a drink that is served in a cocktail glass, and by the way it affects the final taste.