Malibu And Coke

Malibu And Coke is one of easiest to prepare drink on this blog. And it is also delicious, especially when you like drinks with Malibu Rum. This drink is prepare from only two ingredients: coke and Malibu Rum. You can also use a piece of lime for garnish.
Malibu And Coke should be given in the highball glass with ice cubes.
How do you make Malibu And Coke?

Mexican Surfer – a cocktail of exotic flavor

Mexican Surfer is a great cocktail created by the combination of three exotic flavors. Two ingredients are alcohols: Malibu Rum and tequila. The third component is the pineapple juice, which we supplement drink, giving it a yellow color and sweetens the drink.
The preparation of this cocktail is very quick and easy. You do not need a shaker. The whole is prepared in glass. Mexican Surfer can be served in a low glass with thick bottom (old-fashioned). You can garnished glass by adding a slice of pineapple or orange.

Malibu Bay Breeze – drink with Malibu Rum

Malibu Bay Breeze is a very good and mild in flavor. This cocktail is made with three ingredients. It consists of Malibu Rum and two juices: pineapple and cranberry. Its preparation is very simple and quick. A mixture of these ingredients creates a delicious (though like all drinks with Malibu Rum) cocktail with a clear red color. Malibu Bay Breeze can be administered in a glass of old-fashioned type with lots of ice. You could garnish it with cherry.

Malibu Woo Woo – drink with cranberry juice

Malibu Woo Woo is the cocktail, which one of the components is, of course, Malibu Rum. The final recipe consists also of two other fluids: vodka, so that this drink becomes stronger and cranberry juice, which stains drink on red color, and ultimately affect its taste. Cocktail Malibu Woo Woo is best administered in a tall glass type highball. You could prepare it quickly and easily.

Blue Nut – turquoise shot with Malibu

Blue Nut is a great shot made ​​on the basis of Malibu Rum. For its preparation is also needed two components: blue curacao and pineapple juice. Thanks to them, we get a very good taste with a beautiful bright turquoise color. If you do not like strong shots, which you always have to drink with Coke or some juice, the Blue Nut should accrue to your liking. Malibu Rum and pineapple juice perfectly fit each other, and their combination creates a sweet tasty drink.

Tropical Dream – a recipe for a cocktail with malibu

Tropical Dream is a very good and easy to prepare cocktail. To prepare it you need three component: Malibu Rum, Blue Curacao liqueur and pineapple juice. All the ingredients we associate with a tropical climate. When you will be sipping this cocktail on a sunny day, you will definitely start dreaming about going to tropical island. Tropical Dream is best administered in a cocktail glass. You can add cherries as a garnish. Their red color very well compose with the blue-green drink color.

Coco Jambo – drink with malibu and vodka

Coco Jambo is cocktail based on Malibu Rum. It’s stronger than most drinks with Malibu Rum because it contains also vodka. Still it is mild in flavor and taste of coconut. To prepare this drink you need also: milk, fresh lemon juice and grated coconut. Very nicely presented in a cocktail glass with a rim made ​​from grated coconut.

Malibu Driver – one of the simplest cocktails

Malibu Driver is delicious cocktail and the first one describe in this blog made with Malibu Rum. You can do a lot of different tasty and colorful drinks with Malibu Rum: a flavored rum-based liqueur with the 21.0% ABV. Recipe for Malibu Driver is one the simplest. All what you need to make this cocktail are Malibu Rum and orange juice. You can served it at cocktail glass.