Squished Smurf

Squished Smurf is shot, whose name suggests that the appearance (and the taste?) will resemble a flattened Smurf. For its preparation need Peach Schnapps, Irish liqueur (eg. Bailey’s), liqueur blue curacao and few drops of the grenadine. With these ingredients in a glass creates a very impressive and “disgusting” theme, which will attract the eye of every drinker. This shot is perfect for your Halloween party.
How do you make Squished Smurf?

Barbados Sunrise – impressive, layered drink

Barbados Sunrise is a multicolor drink composed of several layers. It will impress us by his great looks and will remind us of holidays spent in warm countries. Contrary to what you may think, the preparation of this cocktail is not difficult and complex, so everyone can enjoy this exotic drink at home every day.
The ingredients which arrange in lovely layers and which are necessary for the preparation of Barbados Sunrise are: white rum, blue curacao liqueur, grenadine and orange juice. You will also need a high glass (the best type is Collins-type glass) and ice cubes. Drink can also by garnished with a piece of orange.

Blue Monday – blue drink with vodka

Blue Monday is another cocktail that we wish to present to you. Even though it is commonly believed that no one likes Mondays, there may be a group of people who will like Blue Monday.
Blue Monday is a strong drink based on vodka, whose taste mixes with orange flavours of two liqueurs: Cointreau and blue curacao. The amount of the latter is small, but it gives the cocktail a very pretty blue colour.
Blue Monday is best served in cocktail glass. Additionally, it can be decorated with a piece of orange peel, wound into a spring. It composes well with the drink’s blue colour and suggests the one who drinks it what flavour can be expected from it.

Blue Hawaii – tropical drink recipe

Blue Hawaii is an excellent drink that will put you in a holiday mood. All thanks to the Hurricane-type glass, in which it is best to serve this cocktail, decoration in the form of a piece of pineapple (it is also worth adding a colourful umbrella), blue colour and tropical flavour.
Blue Hawaii was invented in 1957 by the bartender Harry Yee in Waikiki, Hawaii.
To prepare the cocktail the following are needed: white rum, blue curacao liqueur, pineapple juice, coconut milk (originally Sweet and Sour was used) and ice.

Blue Margarita – variation of the classic cocktail

Blue Margarita is a cocktail with a nice blue color, which is created by using blue curacao liqueur. Drink is another variation on a classic cocktail that is Margarita.
In addition to the previously mentioned blue curacao liqueur, additional components of this drink is tequila and freshly squeezed lime juice.
Cocktail is best administered in a decorated glass of margarita salt. Decoration should do before mixing a drink. Blue Margarita prepared should also decorate a piece of lime.

Blue Nut – turquoise shot with Malibu

Blue Nut is a great shot made ​​on the basis of Malibu Rum. For its preparation is also needed two components: blue curacao and pineapple juice. Thanks to them, we get a very good taste with a beautiful bright turquoise color. If you do not like strong shots, which you always have to drink with Coke or some juice, the Blue Nut should accrue to your liking. Malibu Rum and pineapple juice perfectly fit each other, and their combination creates a sweet tasty drink.

Purple VW – shot with blue curacao

Purple VW is a shot that you should drink slowly (but I have no idea why). It is made ​​of two components: blue curacao liqueur and grenadine. The grenadinie make it very sweet. You should cool the ingredients before you start prepare it. Prepare this shot is extremely simple. Mixing blue curacao liqueur and grenadine allows you to get a nice purple color.

Tropical Dream – a recipe for a cocktail with malibu

Tropical Dream is a very good and easy to prepare cocktail. To prepare it you need three component: Malibu Rum, Blue Curacao liqueur and pineapple juice. All the ingredients we associate with a tropical climate. When you will be sipping this cocktail on a sunny day, you will definitely start dreaming about going to tropical island. Tropical Dream is best administered in a cocktail glass. You can add cherries as a garnish. Their red color very well compose with the blue-green drink color.

Drink for fans of the “Doctor Who” – Sonic Screwdriver

“Doctor Who” is a science fiction television series produced by the BBC since 1963. Sonic Screwdriver is a multi-functional tool used by the title character. It has many different uses (opening doors, cutting holes in the walls, the detection of anti-matter, conduct simple medical tests and many more). This tool appears in most episodes. The device emits a weak, green or blue light. And exactly that color is our next drink Sonic Screwdriver. Very good and easy to prepare cocktail made with vodka.